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Hand In Hand has had an online presence in the Maryland homeschool community since 2005. As the largest homeschooling website in Maryland, with close to 1,000 pages of content, we can help you find the answers you need along your homeschool journey.

General Information for Getting Started Homeschooling in Maryland

To begin homeschooling in Maryland, a parent must file an Assurance of Consent form with their local Board of Education. Once the form is filed, families must wait two weeks before they can begin to homeschool. Maryland parents are not required to have a teaching certificate before they can homeschool.



Compliance With Maryland Homeschool Laws and Legal Issues


General Homeschool Resources for MD - DC - VA - PA Families

  • Mid-Atlantic Region Field Trips
    Find information on over 100 field trip opportunities. Too far to drive? Check out the virtual trip we have listed.
  • Community Based Learning Opportunities
    Extend your homeschooling to real-life learning opportunities. Most of these listings are for high schoolers in Maryland, but you'll occasionally find some national posts and announcements for younger kids.

  • Testing Services
    Hand In Hand offers a full range of educational testing for homeschool families in Maryland. Our testing services also meet state homeschool test requirements for Pennsylvania and Virginia families.
  • Private Consultations
    Still not sure how to plan for the upcoming year? Schedule a private consultation with Hand In Hand, Maryland's leading homeschool advocacy group, and get answers to your questions.


Homeschooling Maryland Teens


July 27, 2017


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