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Hand In Hand Homeschool offers private consultations and ongoing consulting to private families, museums, non-profits, and other clients who are looking for assistance in developing specialized educational plans for unique learning needs.

We Help Families:

  • Select appropriate curriculum and plan for an effective and engaging homeschool year
  • Plan for the accelerated learning needs of their highly and profoundly gifted children
  • Work with their local county homeschool liaison when problems and misunderstandings arise
  • Create behavior contracts and understand the underlying issues that keep homeschooling from being a truly successful experience
  • Build transcripts and maintain records for the homeschool high school children
  • Appeal public school denials for special education services and grade skip requests
  • Understand testing reports conducted by outside agencies
  • Continue to homeschool, even when they face the life changing event of divorce
  • Hand In Hand does not offer psychological services or counseling to individuals or families


We Help Museums, Schools, Non-profits, and Private Businesses:

  • Translate their vision for an innovative learning experience into a concrete program and curriculum they can implement
  • Train their employees in best educational practices
  • Understand what homeschooling really is and how to work with the homeschool market

Contact Us Today to Schedule Your Private Consultation

E-mail: info (at)
Phone: 410.236.1927
Monday - Friday
Between 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


September 19, 2017

What our clients say about Hand In Hand:

"Thanks so much for your time. I appreciate your input and look forward to implementing your strategies."

~ MS in Howard County


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