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Virginia state law governing homeschooling requires that families must submit Proof of Progress by August 1 for each academic year.

Proof of Progress may be shown by way of an Evaluation conducted by a person with a master's degree or higher in an academic discipline -OR- through Standardized Testing, in which the child attains a composite score in or above the fourth stanine on any nationally normed standardized achievement test.

After more than 10 years of conducting homeschool compliance reviews in Maryland, Hand In Hand now works with Virginia families to meet their Proof of Progress requirement. Read more about our qualifications to conduct homeschool reviews.

What to Expect

Virginia state law requires that a homeschool evaluator determine that a child is "achieving an adequate level of educational growth and progress" each academic year. Hand In Hand works closely with families to document that Proof of Progress through a number of ways.

  • Parent Homeschool Overview Form
    Parents must complete and submit a short form that lists the subjects their children have learned and the curricular resources that were used for the year.
  • Portfolio Review
    Parents must gather and present a sample of work, in all subject areas listed on the Overview Form, completed by the child during the academic year.
  • Parent-Child Meeting
    Parents must meet with their reviewer to discuss their homeschooling and their child's academic progress. Meetings generally last 45-minutes for each child being reviewed.
    • Elementary age children may attend the meeting at the parent's discretion.
    • Children in grades 6-8 are expected to attend the meeting and participate.
    • High school homeschoolers are expected to be the main participant, rather than the parent, in the review meeting.

  • Academic Planning
    Parents may elect to reserve 10-minutes of their review to discuss curricular planning for the upcoming year. Families may also choose to add-on a consultation service (for a fee) where we can discuss, in-depth, strategies and curriculum you can use to meet the unique learning needs of your child.

Hand In Hand respects the vast spectrum of educational philosophies that successfully work for homeschooling families. While we do not "rubber stamp" anyone's homeschool program, we are happy to work with unschooling and eclectic curricular users to determine Proof of Progress for their children.


1st Child 2nd Child Add'l Kids
March - June 30 $75 $65 $55
July 1 - 31 $100 $90 $80


Hand In Hand meets with Virginia families in Howard County, Maryland. Our location is roughly 50 minutes from Alexandria. All new families are required to meet in-person for their first annual review. Families have the option of conducting subsequent portfolio reviews via Google Hangout, subject to certain terms and conditions.

We have limited availability to travel to Virginia to conduct evaluation reviews, but are happy to do so for homeschool groups who have 5 pre-paying families who schedule their review on the same day.

Contact Us Today To Schedule Your Evaluation

E-mail: (at)
Phone: 410.236.1927
Monday - Friday
Between 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


March 17, 2018

What our clients say about Hand In Hand:

"Thank you again for your time and heart for children! You made our first homeschool assessment a major success!"

~ JS from Virginia


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