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Lynn Beckett, M.S.
Mathematics Professor

Lynn Beckett is a retired mathematics professor with degrees encompassing psychology, math, statistics and computer science, who is currently writing a textbook with alternative ways to teach mathematical concepts. As the mother of two profoundly gifted children who began college in their early teens; balancing full time work, advocacy for appropriate education and oftentimes educating them "after school" and sometimes between schools has helped her understand the unique needs that must be considered when making educational plans.

As a community college math professor, Lynn encountered many students that struggled with math, as it had been originally taught to them in their Kindergarten through high school years. She worked to develop and find resources to help them lower their anxiety and to learn new mathematical problem sovling techniques, skills and study methods. These methods continue to be used with math-adverse students that seek her help.

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April 07, 2020


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