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Michelle Parrinello-Cason, Ph.D.
College Writing Professor

Michelle Parrinello-Cason, Ph.D. is an educator, homeschooling parent, and passionate advocate for the humanities. She has worked in educational settings for the past 15 years including as a full-time community college professor, individual writing tutor, and homeschool co-op class teacher. She has worked with students ranging from preschool to adult and focuses her teaching on reaching students in non-traditional ways to ensure engagement and excitement about the material and their own contributions to the conversation.

Michelle has a Ph.D. in rhetoric and composition and used her time as a college professor to advocate for developmental students by revamping district-wide curriculum that integrated reading and writing in an engaging way. She has taken this passion into her work in the homeschooling community with the launch of Dayla Learning, a site dedicated to helping parents "homeschool the humanities with humanity," a mission that aims to make the humanities accessible for every student across a range of unique learning needs.

As a parent of a twice exceptional child, Michelle is dedicated to helping every learner find educational approaches and materials that give them the tools they need to be active readers, critical thinkers, and creators.

E-mail: daylalearning (at)
Website: Dayla Learning
LinkedIn: Find Michelle on LinkedIn


April 07, 2020


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