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Mid-Atlantic Hand In Hand Education believes that no one educational model will meet the needs of all children. Instead, we believe parents have the right to objective and quality information so they can make informed choices along their children's educational journey. We support the freedom of choice for finding the right fit between a child's learning needs and the family's ability to meet those needs.

Hand in Hand is an inclusive organization that honors each family's ethnic background, religion, orientation, and educational philosophy. We strive to work with community partners to solve education-related issues through respectful communication.

Our History

Hand In Hand began as an informal project back in 2003 (known then as Hand In Hand Homeschool) when Alessa Giampaolo Keener wanted to learn how to create webpages with html. Always a collector of information, Alessa decided she may as well make use of her hobby by sharing news and resources with other Maryland homeschool families.

Over the years, Hand and Hand has grown to be the largest homeschool website supporting families in the state of Maryland. Believing that having access to quality information empowers families to best meet the needs of their children, the website now hosts close to 1,000 pages of content.

In 2013, Hand In Hand reorganized as Dynamic Educational Solutions LLC to reflect the broader scope of the work we do. We continue to do business as Mid-Atlantic Hand In Hand Education and we remain the only local source of homeschool-related legislative updates freely available to Maryland families. In addition, Hand In Hand maintains one of the largest databases of homeschool curriculum and regional field trips. Hand In Hand continues to grow as a trusted name in the Maryland education community, supporting families in making the best educational choices for their families.  

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April 07, 2020


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