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Other Great Contests to Enter

Mythology and Classics Contests

  • Medusa Exam
    While the exam has a different theme every year, the exam is always a 50-question, multiple-choice format, and students are allowed 40 minutes to complete the exam.
    Age: 11 or younger
    Deadline: Test administered in March

  • National Classical Etymology Exam
    Tests a student's ability to handle both Latin and Greek derivatives and their usage in the English language.
    Grade: 6th - 12th, but any age may compete
    Deadline: Register by Oct 15. Exam must be completed by early Dec.

  • National Roman Civilization Exam
    Tests a student's knowledge of ancient Roman society.
    Age: 6th - 12th, but any age may compete
    Deadline: Register by mid-Feb. Exam must be completed by end of March.

  • National Mythology Exam
    An international exam to improve awareness of Classical literature and ancient mythology. Offered at elementary, intermediate, and middle school level students.
    Grade: 3rd-9th
    Deadline: February

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April 07, 2020


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