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    History homeschool resources
  • Social Studies Curriculum Reviews
    Read real reviews and opinions from parents like you who have actually used dozens of different K-12 social studies, US history, world history, ancient history, government, geography, psychology, and economics curricular products.

  • Discover This Learning Units
    Free mini-social studies units you can implement over 1-5 days. Great for the family interested in child-lead learning but isn't sure where to start. Discover This learning units, from our sister-site Everyday Learning take a chance encounter or random observation from life and weaves it into a dynamic learning experience.
    • WWI
      There's a new national monument coming to Washington DC - and it is finally recognizing the sacrifices made during the 1st World War.
    • Dear Mr. President, About That 20.
      Why has it taken so long to see a woman on printed American currency?
    • Thanksgiving
      Fresh ideas to learn about Native Americans, Pilgrims, and our long-standing holiday.
  • Teaching Psychology With Movies
    Free teaching tips on how to teach dozens of psychological concepts using classic, contemporary, and animated movies. A perfect resource to supplement an exsiting psychology course - OR - use as a spine to build your own.
  • History Contests
    Get your kids motivated to learn by entering any number of contests.
  • Homeschool Inspiration
    Homeschool moms who have made it through the K - 12 journey share their thoughts, fears, and hard-earned words of wisdom.



April 07, 2020


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