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The 5th and final stage of the reading process is comprehension. The goal for all children is to be able to successfully read any text and understand what the words were communicating.

  • Predict what a story will be about based on a title or cover illustration - and then check your prediction
  • Retell stories with puppets or by acting out
  • Draw a picture of the main character and include one symbol that represents the story
  • Retell stories from a different character's point of view
  • Rewrite story endings to what you would have wanted it to be
  • Talk about whhat would have made for a happier ending in a story - and why
  • Talk about if there was a character who could have been a better person
  • Use round robn story re-telling to summarize a story
  • Discuss: Was justice served in the story?

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April 04, 2020


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