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The 3rd stage of the reading process is fluency - or the ability to read for speed, accuracy, and meaning. Fluency is a skill that develops from consistent reading practice, but it involves more than just being able to read a list of words quickly.

Building fluency requires regular reading and comprehension checks, but it doesn't necessarily mean endless worksheets. Here are a number of ideas you can use to practice fluency with your child.

  • Practice writing words for reading and spelling mastery
  • Practice reading sight word lists
  • Do word searches
  • Read words in sentence
  • Preview vocabulary before reading a story
  • Read books with repeating or predictable text
  • Listen to audiobooks while following along with a hardcopy
  • Tag-team read, alternating who reads every other page
  • Re-read the same book 2- 4 times within one week
  • Practice prosody (reading with expression)

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April 04, 2020


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