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Phonics, the 2nd stage of the reading process, teaches children the link between letters and the sounds our language makes. Phonics instruction teaches children how to blend individual sounds into words. Through consistent practice, children eventually learn how to read words quickly and easily, without having to keep sounding out the same words over and over.

There are many play-based and physical activities you can use to reinforce essential phonics skills.

  • Play upper and lower case alphabet matching games, such as

    • Bingo
    • Using magnetic letters
    • Dominos
    • Concentration

  • Practice alphabet sequencing with Dot-to-Dots that use letters instead of numbers
  • Read alphabet books
  • Create your own alphabet books with stickers and cut-out pictures
  • Practice writing letters in sand, paint, chalk, water, clay
  • File folder and Whole-body games
  • Introduce and practice word families

    • Word rings
    • Letter strip manipulatives
    • Word family trees

  • Introduce sight words
    • Names of family members
    • Color words
    • One - ten number words
    • 10 most frequent words: The, of, and, a, to, in, is, you, that, it
  • Introduce basal readers, such as Bob Books

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April 03, 2020


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