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AP Exams

Homeschoolers may sign up and take an Advanced Placement exam regardless of whether they have completed an officially designated AP course. To take an AP exam as a homeschooler, you must find a local school that offers the exam you are interested in. The College Board will assist you in finding AP Coordinators at various public and private schools.

NEW VERSIONS of AP science, history, and foreign language exams will be phased into use beginning May 2012. Read more about the changes.

Not all schools offer every AP exam every year. Parents may want to begin contacting AP Coordinators at local schools in January of the year you wish for your child to take the test. AP exams are only given during the first two weeks of May.

If your child requires testing accomodations, you will need to file additional paperwork requesting a review and determination. Even if your child has been to traditional school and you have an IEP or 504 plan, College Board may deny your request. The deadline for review is generally mid-February.

AP exams currently cost $86 per student per test. Host schools have the option of charging homeschool families an "administrative fee" for allowing your student to test in their facility.

College Board offers reduced rates for families who meet Federally designated poverty income levels. Host schools may also offer a modest fee reduction, also. Talk with the AP Coordinator to see what type of documentation they require.

While the College Board is the only organization that can approve a course to be labelled "AP", parent-constructed classes can certainly prepare a student for the AP exam. Please keep in mind, that you cannot label a parent-constructed class as "AP" on your homeschool transcript. You can, however, note that it was "Advanced U.S. History", for example, and include a statement such as, "This course prepared the student to successfully take the AP U.S. History exam."

Keep in mind that not every college grants credit for the AP. Some state universities will give an incoming freshmen 3+ college credits for a score of 3 or higher on a given exam. More elite schools, however, may exempt a student from taking a lower level course, but will not grant credit even when a student scores a 5 or higher. To be certaint, ask the schools you are applying to about their AP credit policy.

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    Get more information about registering for the AP exam directly from College Board.
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    Tap into the rich set of resources hosted by College Board and find sample syllabi and old AP exams.


April 04, 2020


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