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2012 Test Dates: Wed, October 17 and Sat, October 20

The Preliminary SAT is a shortened, practice test for the SAT. Most students take the PSAT in their sophmore and junior years of high school. Some frehsmen take the test for practice. Students taking the PSAT during their junior year may qualify for National Merit Scholarships. Contact your state's local Higher Education Commission for more information on homeschool eligibility for these scholarships.

The PSAT is offered only one Wednesday and one Saturday in October each year. Homeschoolers may sign up to take the test. Families should contact their local public or private high school in the Spring in order to make sure a test is ordered for their child. Some schools will order extra tests and will have some available for homeschoolers who contact the school early enough in the Fall. The PSAT currently costs $14.

Colleges do not look at PSAT scores. If you enter the appropriate homeschool code on your registration form, your scores will be sent directly to your home address. The public or private school where your child takes the test will not receive a copy of the scores.

The PSAT Homeschool code is: 992199 for Maryland
993999 for Pennslyvania
994799 for Virginia
990999 for Washington, D.C.
Get more information about the PSAT directly from College Board, including additional homeschool codes.


March 29, 2020


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