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When it comes to communication, writing is one of the most important skills your child will need to acquire in life. Whether it's filling out a job application or writing the next great American novel, all people need to know how to express their ideas on paper. Writing comes naturally to some children. But, to others, nothing compares to the pain of having to pick up a pencil and write a paragraph.

A Hand In Hand writing assessment will examine a variety of different skill areas important to the writing process. Using the nationally recognized Test of Written Language and other test instruments, we will evaluate:

  • Basic rules of grammar and punctuation
  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling
  • Organization
  • Sequencing of ideas
  • Efficiency of expressing simple thoughts with written words
  • Ability to combine ideas into a single sentence
  • Ability to generate creative ideas with a story prompt

Your Writing Assessment fee includes the cost of test administration and a formal report, which includes score charts for each test, an error analysis, and a discussion of your child's writing strengths and weaknesses. The report will make recommendations based on your child's writing needs balanced by your family's homeschool philosophy and your child's learning style. The test report is generally mailed out to parents within fourteen (14) business days of testing. Parents have the option of folloiwng up with a telephone consultation for any additional questions they may have.

We keep in mind that most homeschool children have little or no experience with standardized testing. We maintain a maximum level of test environment integrity while making the experience a comfortable one for the children. Our most important priority is obtaining valid results that will help you, the parent, make the best educational decisions possible; while helping your child feel good about themselves.

As always, test results are kept completely confidential. Parents are the only ones to receive a complete score analysis of their child's performance. It is left to a parent's discretion whether or not they share the results with their county or umbrella reviewer.

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March 29, 2020


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