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With no active statewide homeschool advocacy organization for more than five years, Maryland Hand In Hand Homeschool has become the go-to resource for vital services and information for homeschool families across the state.

Since 2005, Hand In Hand is the only homeschool organization to track and report legislative issues for Maryland families. In addition, we field phone calls from families seeking information on how to homeschool, how to comply with homeschool regulations, and what to do when there's a homeschool problem.

Yet, the vast majority of our work is volunteer driven.


We're Looking For a Few Good Moms and Dads

Supporting the needs of Maryland homeschool families is more work than a few volunteers can handle. If you have a minimum of four free hours a month, we'd love to have you join our grassroots, community-based efforts.


  • Regional Coordinator
    Commitment: 1-2 hours a week.
    Experience: Minimum 5 years of homeschool experience.
    Duties: Coordinate local efforts to help connect homeschool families from across Maryland to our community-based advocacy efforts. Participate in monthly conference calls with other Regional Coordinators to stay abreast of current homeschool news, developments, and concerns. Host occasional parent outreach meetings. Participate in occasional, collaborative meetings with local community partners.


  • Communications Coordinator
    Commitment: As needed, but able to meet a tight deadline when called.
    Experience: Journalism or professional writer.
    Duties: Prepare press releases to announce timely news and events to local media. Handle media phone calls and/or emails requesting interviews on homeschooling in Maryland.


  • Attorney
    Commitment: As needed basis
    Experience: Licensed Maryland state attorney
    Duties: Be available for occasional legal questions regarding homeschooling that may arise. Review and provide feedback on proposed legislation and regulations.


  • Content Contributor
    Commitment: 3-5 hours a month.
    Experience: Minimum 3 years of homeschool experience, as well as writing experience. Background in education a plus.
    Duties: Write a minimum of one (1) web-based article a month on an assigned homeschool topic. Articles must be factual and research-based, providing parents with practical information on dealing with an educational issue. See Creating a High School Grading System for an example of the type of writing we publish.


Email us at alessa @ to let us know how you would like to help homeschooling in Maryland.

Maryland Hand In Hand Homeschool relies on a staff of volunteers to help provide families with free information and resources so they can make informed choices about their children's educational needs. Hand In Hand is a secular and inclusive group that understands and respects that families homeschool for a variety of reasons. Our goal is to build collaborative working relationships between individual families, homeschool organizations, local school boards, and community groups.


April 07, 2020


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