10,000 BC (2008 PG-13)
Content Area
1h 49min
Movie Story Line
In the year 10,000 B.C., a hunter loses his woman to an evil warlord, so he gathers together a massive army to mount a daring rescue.
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Teaching Idea #1

On a blank map, use different colors to shade in the ranges of where the different prehistoric animals lived: mammoths, saber-toothed cats, and terror birds. Could a human in 10,000 BCE have encountered all of these animals?

Teaching Idea #2

What were tools and weapons actually made of in 10,000 BCE? What is the earliest evidence of the Iron Age? Which metals were smelted by humans before iron? Why do you think the filmmakers chose to inaccurately depict the use of metal in the film?

Teaching Idea #3

What is the first evidence for the domestication of horses and where was it found? When, where, and by whom were horses first used in a militaristic fashion, as depicted in the film?

Teaching Idea #4

Research what genetic mutation led to blue eyes and when and where this trait first appeared in humans. How did scientists figure this out? How common is your own eye color in the world's human population?