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Special Needs

Different special needs require specific learning supports.

  • Dyslexia: Understand about the 3 types of dyslexia and how a child can still learn to read.

  • Down Syndrome: Learn about the unique learning profile of these special children and how to adapt homeschool curriculum to their needs.

  • Executive Functioning Disorder: It’s more than just about a sloppy desk and missing deadlines.

  • Vision Problems: From near-sightedness to lazy eye, there’s a host of visual problems that can impact learning

  • Convergence Insufficiency: You hear a lot about CI and vision therapy, but just how prevalent is it?


Learn about the wide variety of tests that may be used during a special education evaluation – and what their results may mean.

IEP testing
iep process

The IEP Process

When children are assessed for special needs instruction, we begin the process by evaluating their level of intelligence.

  • Requesting Testing: How homeschoolers can obtain a free comprehensive evaluation for special education services

  • What Causes Low IQ: Which disabilities can impact intelligence

  • IEP Process: Steps you take to access special education services through your public school