Hand In Hand is a recognized leader in helping families, educators, and other professionals find the answers they need to unique educational problems. Over the years, we have worked with homeschool, public, and private school families across the United States, as well as in Canada, India, and China.

Private Consultations

We offer a variety of on-going private consultation options, as well as one-time consultation services, to assist families in creating a personalized educational plan for their child, building transcripts, understanding the needs of their gifted or special needs child, appealing special education decisions through the public school system, facilitating return-to-school placement decisions for formerly homeschooled students, and more.

Homeschool Compliance Evaluations

Hand In Hand currently only provides homeschool portfolio and testing reviews for Virginia families. Based in the belief that education takes many forms, we build long-term relationships with families from diverse backgrounds to build meaningful educational portfolios that demonstrates full compliance with state laws.

Pyscho-educational Testing Review

For those who have already completed outside testing but still have questions, we offer a flat-rate fee service for a 2nd opinion of your evaluation results, along with a comprehensive analysis of the student’s strengths and weaknesses and appropriate instructional recommendations that match the family’s educational philosophy. Our testing review is often used by attorney and parents preparing for IEP meetings and hearings.

Expert Witness

Hand In Hand’s Alessa Giampaolo Keener, M.Ed. has been accepted by the Maryland court system as an expert witness regarding matters of educational best fit, special education, special student populations, and homeschooling. In addition to providing written and oral testimony, remote and in-person technical assistance for trial preparation is also offered. Our work specializes in divorce and custody matters, as well as Miranda waiver hearings and criminal cases that entail mitigating circumstances of an educational nature.


Hand In Hand speaks regularly at national conferences and local events on topics relating to homeschooling, social-emotional gifted issues, radical acceleration, LGBTQ youth in education, educational needs of incarcerated youth, and marketing to homeschool families. She has also been the featured speaker on two separate SENG webinars and the TV News Mom podcast

Alessa Keener

Alessa homeschooled her two children from Kindergarten into college. Throughout her years of homeschooling, she embraced a child-led learning approach, with an emphasis on social-emotional development and community-based learning.

With a Masters in Education from Johns Hopkins University; a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Lehigh University, and a Certificate in Special Education Advocacy from the William & Mary Law School, Alessa is uniquely qualified and trained to provide [more]

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