American Legends (2001 NR)
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Not rated
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A compilation of four cartoons based on America's heroes and legends.
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Teaching Idea #1

Which communities/sites around the U.S. claim John Henry as their own? Weigh the evidence for each one and pick the one you think is most likely to be true.

Teaching Idea #2

Use a map to record John Chapman’s travels across the U.S. How does this video compare to his actual life? What is his legacy today?

Teaching Idea #3

Paul Bunyan statues dot the U.S. Research to determine which one is closest to where you live? When was it built, by whom, and for what purpose?

Teaching Idea #4

Using graph paper, draw a diagram of the rail yard where Casey Jones died. Include each of the trains present, how long they were, and which railroad tracks they were on. Read a newspaper article from the time of the accident, how does it compare to the film version?