Dinosaur (2000 PG)
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1h 21min
Movie Story Line
Set 65 million years ago, DINOSAUR tells the compelling story of Aladar, an iguanadon who is separated from his own kind and raised by a clan of lemurs, including the wisecracking Zini and the compassionate Plio.
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Teaching Idea #1

The film features Iguanodons, Brachiosaurs, Oviraptors, Pteranodons, Parasaurolophus, Styracosaurus, Pachyrhinosaurus, Struthiomimus, and prehistoric lemurs. Did all of these species coexist on earth at the same time?

Teaching Idea #2

What is the main way that Aladar’s anatomy differs from that of an actual Iguanodon? Why was this change made by the film makers? Do you think it was a good choice, why or why not?

Teaching Idea #3

Iguanodons were first identified in 1825, research how scientific understanding of what this species looked like changed over time as more fossil remains were discovered.