FernGully (1992 G)
Content Area
1h 16min
Movie Story Line
A woodland fairy and her pals - including a crazy motor-mouth bat - save the life of a lumberjack by shrinking him to miniature size, and then battle the evil forces trying to destroy their rainforest in this animated treat.
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Teaching Idea #1

This film is overtly environmental, but the filmmakers made the main bad guy supernatural. Does this choice weaken the film’s overall message? If you wanted to strengthen the message, what is one change you would make to the characters or plot?

Teaching Idea #2

Roger Ebert wrote a short four paragraph review of this film in which he argues that man is superior to nature for our ability to recognize big wrongs. He goes so far as to state, “[a] fern is as ruthless as my cat.” Summarize in your own words Mr. Ebert’s main point and then agree or disagree.

Teaching Idea #3

Watch Greta Thunberg’s 3 ½ minute speech at the United Nations’ 2018 Climate Change Conference. If Miss Thunberg were one of the fairies in this movie, what would her role be and how would the plot or ending of the movie be different because of it?