Gandhi (1982 PG)
3h 11min
Movie Story Line
The story of India's Mohandas Gandhi and how he rose from being a lawyer to a worldwide symbol of peace and understanding in the face of British colonialism.
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Teaching Idea #1

Define and research the history of nonviolence and pacifism over the last 200 years. How did Gandhi’s philosophy of nonviolence succeed in India? How has Gandhi's work inspired other resistance movements outside of India?

Teaching Idea #2

Research when and how British colonialism took over India. How did the ‘divide and rule’ strategy work to govern India? How does this film depict the conflict between Hindus and Muslims in India? What are the impacts of this conflict in India today?

Teaching Idea #3

Examine the development of the textile industry in India and other parts of Asia. What allowed Britain to produce more textiles than India? What impact did this have on life in India? Which country produces the most textiles today. What is life like for the people who do this work?