Good Morning, Vietnam (1987 R)
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2h 1min
Movie Story Line
Army DJ Adrian Cronauer, deployed to Vietnam, hosted a morning radio show that questioned America's involvement in the conflict.
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Teaching Idea #1

What was the Domino Theory and how was it used to commit troops to Vietnam? Consider the perspectives of this war offered by Henry Kissinger, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Ho Chi Min. Why was this war so divisive for American society? What do you think the lasting impact of the Vietnam War has been?

Teaching Idea #2

The Vietnam War is the last time that men drafted into the U.S. military went to war. Learn about attempts to require women to register for the draft. Do you agree with this effort, why or why not? What are some of the countries that have compulsory military service today? What are some of the arguments for and against an all volunteer military? Which side do you come down on and why?

Teaching Idea #3

One of the focal points in this movie is the idea of humor in a war zone. Seek out examples of military humor at or other similar site. Compare and contrast the use of humor during wartime war versus other times of life. Is there a line that can be crossed for using humor as a positive coping mechanism?

Teaching Idea #4

It is well worth reading Roger Ebert's review of this movie. If you do so, what do you think about the idea of understanding what a movie is truly about by comparing what's different at the end of the movie from the beginning? What do you think this movie is truly about?