Good Will Hunting (1997)
2hr 6min
Movie Story Line
Will Hunting is a self-taught mathematical genius working as a janitor at MIT. A math professor discovers Will and takes him on as a protege, with the court-order that Will must go into counseling to deal with his anger.
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Teaching Idea #1

Therapy Techniques
Briefly describe different theoretical approaches to counseling psychology, such as behavioral, cognitive, psychoanalysis, humanistic, and holistic therapies. Identify types of people and/or mental health issues that each theoretical approach might be best suited to treat.

Teaching Idea #2

Self Actualization
Humanist psychologist Abraham Maslow developed the idea of Self Actualization, or a person's drive to fulfill their potential through their life's work. List the characteristics that Maslow identified for self-actualized people. Does Will Hunting possess these characteristics? Would you say that Will is on a path of self-actualization, even though he is not fulfilling his potential in the way that others around him thought he should?