Hidden Figures (2016 PG)
Content Area
2h 6min
Movie Story Line
The true story of three women who worked at NASA as mathematical analysts and who were instrumental saving one of the Apollo space missions.
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Teaching Idea #1

Racism existed throughout Katherine Johnson's life. In the movie, we see how segregation existed inside the NASA workplace, such as having separate bathrooms for White and Black employees. Contrary to how it was portrayed in the movie, Katherine decided to use the White women's restroom, on her own. Why do you think the movie director decided to change this historical fact?

Teaching Idea #2

Visit www.nasa.gov/modernfigures to learn more about the real lives and contributions of Mary Jackson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Katherine Johnson. While there, research Mae Jemison, the first African-American woman astronaut to go into space - ten years after Sally Ride, the first White woman in space.