Ice Age (2002 PG)
Content Area
1h 21min
Movie Story Line
When a group of prehistoric animals band together to save a human baby, the misfit herd becomes the only hope for the future in this delightful computer-animated treat.
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Teaching Idea #1

When Europeans first encountered woolly mammoth remains in the 1600s, why were they so confused? What were their early hypotheses about how the remains got where they were? Why was a woolly mammoth a particularly good choice for an animal to star in a movie called Ice Age?

Teaching Idea #2

For animating this movie, film makers observed how modern day animals move to make the prehistoric animals as realistic as possible. Observe and sketch an animal and use an old school (ex. thaumatrope or phenakisticope) or contemporary technique (ex. gif animator) to animate your drawings.

Teaching Idea #3

The character Scrat is a hybrid squirrel rat. Study two other hybrid creatures from folklore and then create your own by combining the parts of multiple animals into a single creature. Beyond its physical representation, what behavioral characteristics does your hybrid have from each of its contributing animals?