Lawrence of Arabia (1962 PG)
3h 48min
Movie Story Line
Based on the real-life exploits of T.E. Lawrence during World War I.
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Teaching Idea #1

What events in Lawrence's life prior to WWI made him an ideal intelligence officer? What do you think about the fact that the British made promises to Arab tribes that they never intended to keep after the war? Is Lawrence in the wrong since he was the person who made these promises to the Arabs?

Teaching Idea #2

Utilitarianism is, put simply, whatever is good for the most number of people is the right thing to do. What are some instances in the film when Lawrence demonstrated utilitarianism? When Lawrence participates in the Tafas Massacre towards the end of the film, is he committing a war crime? Why or why not?

Teaching Idea #3

Many people consider Lawrence of Arabia to be one of the best movies ever made. Although the movie was partially filmed in Jordan with the support of King Hussein, once released he banned it from the country because of its negative portrayal of Arab culture. What aspects of the movie support King Hussein's viewpoint?