Master and Commander (2003 PG-13)
Content Area
2h 18min
Movie Story Line
During the Napoleonic Wars, a brash British captain pursues a French war sea vessel around South America.
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Teaching Idea #1

The events in this movie are based on historical fiction written by Patrick O'Brian. The movie's ship, HMS Surprise, however, was an actual vessel in the French and British navies. Research what the ship's actual history. What battles were the ship a part of? Why do you think the author chose this ship for the story?

Teaching Idea #2

The Napoleonic Wars are a complex period in European history due to its on again, off again nature and changing alliances. Use a map and create a timeline to summarize the highlights of these wars between 1803-1815. How did Britain successfully fight Napoleon, considering it had about half the population of France at the time?

Teaching Idea #3

How did the Napoleonic Wars lead to the War of 1812 between the United States and Great Britain? Why do Americans view the War of 1812 as a war in and of itself and the British see it as a minor part of the larger Napoleonic Wars?