Medicine Man (1992 PG-13)
Content Area
1h 46min
Movie Story Line
A scientist researching a cure for cancer races against time, as a corporation comes in to cut down the Amazon Rainforest.
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Teaching Idea #1

Define and map different types of forests: Tropical; Temperate; and Boreal forests (taiga). Can rainforests be further classified into smaller subgroups? Name at least two other rainforests. Compare and contrast these rainforests to the Amazon.

Teaching Idea #2

What is the Amazon's current and historic rate of deforestation? What factors contribute to deforestation of the Amazon? Contrast the amount of forests in North America at the start of the 16th century to today? Is it hypocritical of people in the United States and Europe to demand that Brazil protect the Amazon considering the deforestation that happened in our own countries? What consequences exist for humanity if the Amazon continues to be destroyed at its current pace?

Teaching Idea #3

Research Lapachois and Curare. What are they and what benefits do they provide? What other medical cures and treatments have been discovered in the Amazon?

Teaching Idea #4

What is an extinction debt and how does it pertain to the Amazon? What is Arbor Day and is it something you've participated in in the past? How might you plan to participate next April?