Memento (2000)

Memento (2000)
Movie: Memento (2000)
Content Area:
Rating: R
Length: 1hr 43min
Story Line: A dark, psychological thriller, told in short reverse-sequenced scenes that mimicks the effects of amnesia, of a man trying to piece together the death of his wife.
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Teaching With This Movie: The Case Study oF H.M.
The story of H.M., a 27-year old man who suffered anterograde amnesia in 1953 as a result of brain surgery meant to relieve his epileptic seizures, is a classic case study. H.M. had normal short-term memory, but was unable to encode new information into his long-term memory storage. Read about H.M.’s life and list at least 3 things scientist have learned about anterograde amnesia from H.M.