Mulan (1998 G)
Content Area
1h 27min
Movie Story Line
A girl pretends to be a man and takes her father's place in the army.
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Teaching Idea #1

Read a translation of the original Ode to Mulan that this story is based on. What elements from the poem are included in the movie? What is your favorite aspect of the movie that is created by the filmmakers?

Teaching Idea #2

Prior to modern times, there have been taboos against women serving in the military in most societies. Research another woman who disguised herself as a man in order to serve her country and compare and contrast her story to Mulan’s (ex. Deborah Sampson - US Revolutionary War, Frances Clayton - US Civil War, Epipole - Trojan War, Jeanne Louise Antonin - Napoleonic Wars, etc.).

Teaching Idea #3

What are the reasons that the film Mulan flopped in China? Can you imagine how to redo Disney’s Mulan so that it would be popular in China and the US?

Teaching Idea #4

What is the history of matchmaking in China? What is the importance of tea in traditional Chinese matchmaking? How does it compare to marriage practices in China today?