Nixon (1995 R)
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3h 11min
Movie Story Line
A riveting look at the complex man whose presidency ended in scandal. Nixon's passion for power proved to be not only his downfall, but led to events which jeopardized the nation's security.
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Teaching Idea #1

Through Nixon's Presidential Library you can listen to the Oval Office tapes that led to his resignation. What do you find most surprising in the collection? What led to Nixon recording these conversations? Why do you think he made such a costly error in judgment?

Teaching Idea #2

We so often talk about the negative aspects of President Nixon. Explore the positive legacy of his time in office, with regard to his international policies with China and the Soviet Union. Would President Reagan have been able to end the Cold War without the steps taken under Nixon's administration?

Teaching Idea #3

President Nixon is not the only U.S. president to be embroiled in scandal and in fact he was never impeached. How is impeachment laid out in the Constitution? Who are the three U.S. presidents who were impeached and what were they impeached for? What were the consequences for each of them from their impeachment, if any?

Teaching Idea #4

The scandals of Nixon's presidency and his resignation sparked a dramatic downward trend in public trust in national political leaders. How did President Jimmy Carter benefit from this cynicism? What are the public institutions that are the most trusted and least trusted according to national polls? And how have these changed over time?