Pocahontas (1995 G)
Content Area
1h 21min
Movie Story Line
A musical version of the story of the legendary Indian princess.
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Teaching Idea #1

Read the Smithsonian Magazine’s article entitled “The True Story of Pocahontas” and watch available clips from their documentary, “Pocahontas: Beyond the Myth”. Describe what you believe to be the most important change to make to the movie to make it more factual.

Teaching Idea #2

Learn about Wahunsenacawh, Pocahontas’ father and leader of the Powhatan Confederacy. What were the major changes to this confederacy of tribes during his lifetime? What is their status today? Use a map to help show these changes over time. What were their responses to the film?

Teaching Idea #3

In real life Pocahontas did travel to London in 1616, how did the city compare to Virginia at that time? What did she do and see while she was there? Imagine what she would have done upon her return if she had survived the trip.