Precious (2009)
1hr 49min
Movie Story Line
Precious is a 16-year old illiterate and obese girl living in Harlem with her physically and emotionally abusive mother. She is discovered to be pregnant with her 2nd child, fathered by her own father.
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Teaching Idea #1

Repressed Memories: Research what the American Psychological Association has to say about childhood trauma, abuse, and memories. Is it possible for a person to recover a "lost" memory of a traumatic experience? What is dissociation and what is the clinical explanation for why it happens? How is that different from a lost memory? What are pseudomemories and how do they form?

Teaching Idea #2

Comorbidity: Research the link between child sexual abuse and eating disorders. What does current research say about shame, control, and coping mechanisms and how it relates to the onset of eating disorders.