Robin Hood (1973 G)
1h 23min
Movie Story Line
The Disney animated classic tale of England's legendary hero.
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Teaching Idea #1

The story of Robin Hood has appeared in film and television over a hundred times. What about this story continues to connect with viewers today? If you have read or seen another version of Robin Hood, how does this version compare? Research one of the origin stories of Robin Hood and compare and contrast it to the version depicted in this film.

Teaching Idea #2

King Richard I returned to Great Britain after the conclusion of the Third Crusade. Who participated in this crusade, who did they fight, and what was decided in the Treaty of Jaffa? Was the Third Crusade considered successful at the time, who or why not?

Teaching Idea #3

What is the Major Oak, where is it located, and what is its connection to Robin Hood? What efforts have been made to preserve it over the years?