Brave (2012 PG)
1hr 33min
Movie Story Line
A medieval Scottish princess fights back against her parent's wish that she gets married, wanting a life of adventure, instead.
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Teaching Psychology With the Movie Brave

Disney's Pixar movie Brave offers a variety of opportunities for teaching psychology, as well as history. With psychology, students can explore developmental psychology and personality development, with a special focus on gender schemas and gender stereotypes. Keep reading for ideas on teaching psychology with the movie Brave.

Teaching Idea #1: Gender Schema
Read about Sandra Bem's Gender Schema Theory. Explain the adolescent process of gendered socialization that Bem theorized. Take a look at the Bem Sex-Role Inventory, originally published in 1974 and meant to rate a person's masculinity, femininity, and androgynous qualities. Do you think the inventory continues to be valid today?

Teaching Idea #2: History
Where and how did Highland Games originate? How is the athletic competition in the film different from events traditionally included in Highland Games? Consider whether you can modify 1 or 2 Highland Games events to safely hold a competition against family or friends.

Teaching Idea #3: History
How are Scottish will-o'-the-wisps the same as and different from those in other regions around the world (exs. Mexico’s luces del dinero and Bengal’s Aleya)? Is there a natural explanation for these phenomena? Create a hard copy or digital comic strip depicting one of the folk tales or scientific explanations for this phenomenon.

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Teaching With Movies
  • Brave (2012 PG)
  • Brave (2012 PG)