Newsies (1992 PG)
Content Area
2h 1min
Movie Story Line
True story of a group of courageous paper boys who become unlikely heroes when they team up to fight an unscrupulous newspaper tycoon.
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Teaching Idea #1

Research the actual 1899 newsboys’ strike. How was it different from what’s depicted in this film? Did it achieve the goals of the newsboys? What other actions did it inspire?

Teaching Idea #2

What was/is typical child labor like during pre-industrial times, after the Industrial Revolution, and today? Where did the idea to ban child labor come from? What are the main reasons for child labor that continues today? What are examples of legal child labor in the U.S.? Have you seen kids working in your community? If so, do you think this is legal or illegal child labor?

Teaching Idea #3

Compare and contrast the public and critical reception of Newsies the film to the Broadway musical version released 19 years later. Are there aspects of the film that you think explain part of this difference?