The Experiment (2010)
1hr 36min
Movie Story Line
A modern-day story about the psychological research into the power of authority that closely resembles the research of Philip Zimbardo at Stanford University in the 1970s.
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Teaching Idea #1

Stanford Prison Study's Modern-Day Equivalents
Read about the 2003 Abu Ghraib prison incident involving the U.S. military. Does Philip Zimbardo's Stanford prison study help explain how and why the abuse of Iraqi prisoners took place by American military personnel? Do any of Zimbardo's findings explain why people agree to engage with torture?

Teaching Idea #2

Truth Behind Zimbardo's Study
What have recent released recordings from Zimbardo's study revealed about the ethics of the actual study, as well as the validity of the findings? Why do you think Zimbardo's study went on to become so famous and influential, despite the fact that many people knew the findings were inaccurate?