The King’s Speech (2010)
1hr 48min
Movie Story Line
Based on the true story of England's King George VI and his struggle with overcoming a severe stuttering speech impairment.
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Teaching Idea #1

Types of Stuttering
Compare the 3 types of stuttering that occur: Developmental, neurogenic, and psychogenic. Identify the causes for each of the types of stuttering and types of appropriate treatment. Finally, discuss which type of stuttering King George VI had.

Teaching Idea #2

Ethical Therapy
Times have changed since the events in this movie took place. Today, therapists are required to have proper training and licensing before they can work with patients. Research who would be the appropriate person to treat stuttering, such as a psychologist, speech-language pathologist, medical doctor, social worker, neuropsychologist. [There might be more than one answer.] Also, identify what is the minimum amount of education and training that would be required.