The Last Emperor (1987 PG-13)
Content Area
2h 43min
Movie Story Line
The story of a boy, Pu Yi , who became the last emperor of China in 1908.
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Teaching Idea #1

Pu Yi’s life story follows an opposite trajectory of many stories, going from riches to rags. How does Pu Yi’s personal agency change at different periods of his life? What are the major historical changes in China that he witnesses? Create a timeline that compares world events during the same time period.

Teaching Idea #2

This was the first movie to be filmed in the Forbidden City, which was named a world heritage site in 1987. How does the Forbidden City compare to structures built in other parts of the world in the same period, such as Guildhall in Britain, Sidi Yahya mosque and madrasa in Mali, Palazzo Medici in Florence, or the Wongaksa Pagoda in Korea?

Teaching Idea #3

Is it unusual that Pu Yi survived the end of the Qing Dynasty? Compare the end of this Chinese dynasty to the end of other empires and their last ruler, such as Nicholas II in Russia, Louis XVI in France, or Constantine XI in Byzantium.