The Miracle Worker (2000)
Not rated
1hr 46min
Movie Story Line
The true story of Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller and their journey to learn how to communicate despite the barriers of deaf and blindness. NOTE: In addition to the more current Disney version of The Miracle Worker, you can also take a look at the original version from the 1960s, starring Anne Bancroft.
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Teaching Idea #1

Conditioned Learning
With no ability to see or hear the world around here , Helen Keller was not able to develop language and vocabulary skills in the experiential manner that normally developing children do. Before you watch the movie, review the differences between Classical and Operant Conditioning. Review key vocabulary, such as Neutral Stimulus, Unconditioned Response, and Conditioned Response; as well as Reinforcers, Punishment, and Shaping. After the movie, discuss what type of learning Anne Sullivan used to teach Helen specific sign language words - classical or operant conditioning.