The Power of One (1992  PG-13)
2h 7min
Movie Story Line
An orphan terrorized for his family's political beliefs, young PK turns to his only friend: a kindly, world-wise prisoner who teaches him how to box.
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Teaching Idea #1

Trace the history of the British Empire's presence in South African in the early 1800s. How and why did Britain come to occupy this area? Who exactly are the Boers and why did they resent the British? What was the cause of the First Boer War, as compared to the Second Boer War? What is the legacy of diamond mining like in South Africa today?

Teaching Idea #2

Why do you think the makers of this film chose to feature a white English male for telling the story of the harsh realities of apartheid? How is this different than other accounts of apartheid you may have seen, such as the movies Mandela, Invictis, or Cry Freedom?