The Road to El Dorado (2000 PG)
Content Area
1h 29min
Story Line
DreamWorks Animation presents this comedic tale of friendship and adventure. Tulio and Miguel, a pair of two-bit con men, believe they have found their path to fortune and glory when they win a map to El Dorado, the legendary City of Gold. But they find their troubles are just beginning - as they fulfill their dreams of gold, their friendship and the very fate of El Dorado hang in the balance.
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Teaching With This Movie
What was the legend of El Dorado originally and how did the stories spread and change over time? What does ‘El Dorado’ mean today?
Idea #2
What discoveries were made in South America as Europeans searched for El Dorado over the centuries? Identify each on a map along with the year it was explored by Europeans. What was the significance of each to the indigenous people of the area at that time?
Idea #3
In recent years screenshots from the movie became backdrops for internet memes. Use a Road to El Dorado meme generator template to create your own. What makes this scene or scenes particularly good for crafting memes?