Troy (2004 R)
Content Area
2h 43min
Movie Story Line
The Ancient Greek story of the Paris Prince of Troy and Helen Queen of Sparta and the war that started over their love.
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Teaching Idea #1

In 1993, new archeological evidence was discovered in modern-day Turkey that seems to prove the Trojan War actually took place. Read about these relatively recent findings. What does the historical evidence tell us about the power of Troy and the wars it fought?

Teaching Idea #2

Most historians do not view the movie Troy as being accurate to either the actual war or to the epic poem written by Homer. Find a high school level translation of the Iliad and read Book 1 for an overview of the story. What differences do you see between the Iliad and the movie Troy?

Teaching Idea #3

The Trojan War has left us with a number of allusions that we still use today. Look up how references like “Trojan horse” and “the face that launched a thousand ships” are used. What do these allusions mean when we use them today?