Whether you want to bring your psychology curriculum alive with movies that explore essential concepts – OR – you just want to talk more deeply with your kids about the movies they love to watch, then we’ve got a list for you. Teaching psychology with movies is an easy way to bring essential concepts alive. From classics to contemporary to animated movies, we’ve listed over 60 movies that fit your learning objectives.

If you’re not already using a psychology curriculum, take a look at these 3 resources that will help you flesh out your discussions.

  • Psychology 101 Online Textbook
    Access a free copy of this psych textbook written by Dr. Christopher Heffner and originally published in 2001. Because the text is almost 20 years old, you will want to supplement with some google searches to read about up-to-date research.
  • Psych 101 Hardcover Book
    For about $10, this ~280 page book by Paul Kleinman is, by far, the best little pocket book we’ve found that clearly describes psychology concepts in an easy-to-understand manner – and pairs up nicely with the Crash Course video series.
teaching psychology with movies
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