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Reading Comprehension is the ability to easily and efficiently read text for meaning. It is the last step of the reading process taught to children, after they've learned phonics, fluency, and vocabulary.

Five levels of reading comprehension can be taught to children.

  1. Lexical Comprehension
  2. Literal Comprehension
  3. Interpretive Comprehension
  4. Applied Comprehension
  5. Affective Comprehension
To really understand these different levels, let's take a familiar text and see how different types of questions probe different understandings of the same story.

The fairy tale Cinderella tells the story of a young girl, whose evil stepmother won't let her go to the ball. Cinderalla's fairy godmother, however, magically whisks her off for the night and Cinderella eventually marries her Prince Charming.

5 Levels of Reading Comprehension with sample question

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April 04, 2020


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