Services for New York Families

New York state law requires homeschool families to submit a Letter of Intent, as well as an annual (1) Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP), including course and instructional materials; (2) Quarterly Reports; (3) Annual Assessments; and (4) Attendance Records as proof of compliance.

Parents may submit a written narrative as their Annual Assessment for children in grades 1-3. For homeschool children in grades 4-8, testing requirements begin, but a written narrative assessment may still be submitted every other school year. Children in grades 9-12 must submit standardized testing results for their Annual Assessment.

A written narrative Annual Assessment must be prepared by a New York state certified teacher OR by a person chosen by the parent and pre-approved by the superintendent. With 2 decades of homeschool and professional educational experience, Hand In Hand exceeds the standards required to work with New York homeschool families. Read more about our qualifications to conduct homeschool reviews.

New York Homeschool Annual Assessment Services

New York law requires a homeschool evaluator to determine that adequate academic progress and substantial completion of requirements has been met each academic year. Hand In Hand works closely with families to document academic progress and completion of requirements through a number of ways.

Intake and Individualized Home Instruction Plan

Upon initial registration, parents complete an Intake Form that provides background information on their child’s educational history (including their learning strengths and weaknesses) and their educational goals for the upcoming academic year. After I have had a chance to review your initial registration forms, an Intake Call is scheduled for new families. This call gives us a chance to review your homeschool goals and discuss any concerns you may have with the upcoming homeschool year. This call is especially important for families who utilize an unschooling approach or prefer to use parent-constructed curriculum, as it will give us the opportunity to translate your goals into language that your school district will respect and accept.

Attendance and Quarterly Reports

Parents will receive weekly reminders to complete their child’s personalized Attendance Report through an online portal. This weekly 5-minute task allows parents to maintain a permanent attendance record, as required by law. Parents will also receive monthly reminders to complete a brief assessment form that tracks their child’s academic achievement. This information will be incorporated into the student’s Quarterly Report, which will be prepared for the parent to submit.

Portfolio Review Meeting

Prior to meeting for the 45-minute Portfolio Evaluation Tele-Meeting, parents must gather and submit a portfolio of work samples. Work samples are reviewed and an interview with the child is conducted to determine if Adequate Academic Progress and Substantial Completion of Requirements has been met.

New York Annual Assessment

  • Intake Forms
  • 60-min Intake Call
  • Attendance Tracking Portal
  • Monthly Assessment Portal
  • Preparation of Quarterly Reports
  • Review of Work Samples
  • 45-min Portfolio – Student Meeting
  • Annual Narrative Assessment

** A sliding scale fee is available for families with documented limited income.  Email us or schedule a free 15-minute consultation to see if you qualify.

Hand In Hand respects the vast spectrum of educational philosophies that successfully work for homeschooling families. While we do not “rubber stamp” anyone’s homeschool program, we work with unschooling and eclectic curricular users to determine Adequate Academic Progress through the use of nontraditional documentation.

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