It can take a village to help you understand the special learning needs of your child – but not every professional has the same degree or qualifications. Get to know the alphabet soup of advanced degrees in education and psychology, so you’ll be able to find the best professionals to help you through your homeschool journey.

Degree Practice Area
SLP-CCC Speech Language Pathologist – Certificate of Clinical Competence
A graduate level degree that allows a person to provide speech therapy services for a wide range of issues.
M.A.T. Masters of Arts in Teaching
A graduate level teaching degree that includes coursework in teaching practices and additional studies in a content area specialty, such as math or science.
M.Ed. Masters of Education
An advanced postgraduate degree that specializes in curriculum and instruction and/or school counseling.
Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy
The highest degree earned in most fields of study, including school psychology – a combination of educational and clinical psychology. Neuropsychologists generally hold a Ph.D., as well as additional three years of post-doctoral training.
Ed.D. Doctor of Education
This degree prepares a person for an academic, administrative, clinical, or research position in the field of education.
Psy.D. Doctor of Psychology
This degree allows a person to practice clinical psychology, which focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness.
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Last modified on April 14, 2020