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Discover which access (and limitations) Maryland homeschoolers have to IDEA and special education services. You’ll also find community-based resources for specific special needs.

Reading Levels and Lexile Scores

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As children learn to read, it is important to provide them with optimally challenging reading material. Books that are too hard will cause a child to give up because they can't read the words or understand the sentences. Give Read more...

Convergence Insufficiency and Reading Problems

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Some students who experience reading problems do not have a learning disability. Instead, the muscles in their eyes do not focus well when they are reading things up close. These students may have 20-20 vision but still complain Read more...

Convergence Insufficiency and Reading Problems

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Convergence Insufficiency is a vision problem that happens when a person's eyes don't focus correctly when they are looking at a book or another up-close item. The ability of both eyes to turn and work together is called binocular Read more...

Help for Low Working Memory

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When we talk about Working Memory, we refer to the brain's "whiteboard" - that part of the brain where all kinds of tiny bits of information go for short-term storage. It is in the Working Memory area where the Read more...