Teaching a child to read begins when they are still toddlers.

  • Reading Process: Learn about the 5 stages of reading

  • Unschooling Reading: Discover best practices for teaching reading without a formal curriculum

  • Assessing Progress: Use free tools to see to check how well you child is reading

Homeschool Reading
homeschool math


Seven different topic areas make up the study of math. In the younger years, you can skip around the different topics. Once you get to pre-algebra, however, homeschooling math gets more formal.

  • Mastery vs Spiral: Understanding the fundamental difference in how textbooks teach math

  • Algebra: The pros and cons for NOT teaching Algebra 1 to your homeschooler

Homeschool Math


Whether you’re a DIY homeschooler or just looking for supplemental material, we have just what you’re looking for.

  • Teach With Movies: 65+ Free movie guides to teach a year’s worth of psychology topics

  • Free Textbook: Access to free online psychology textbooks your students can use

Homeschool Psychology
psychology curriculum


Schools call these classes “specials”, but, really, they form the foundation of life.

  • Physical Education: 90+ Ideas for incorporating gym into your homeschool schedule

  • Health: 8 Essential topics that form the foundation of health class

Homeschool Specials

Last modified on April 20, 2020

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